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Free Music Lessons in Kilmarnock


Free Music Lessons in Kilmarnock

Free music lessons in Kilmarnock are available at Yamaha Music Point with a wide variety of instruments including: Guitar, Keyboard, Piano, Drum and Vocal lessons, all catered for in what has to be the key music school in Ayrshire. Whether you live in Kilmarnock, Irvine, Troon, Prestwick or anywhere else in Ayrshire, Yamaha Music Point Kilmarnock is the place to check-out first. Book your Free Taster Session now.

Music Lessons that are Fun

If you are looking for a music lessons that are fun, you can do no better than Yamaha Music Point Kilmarnock. Every one of our teachers are friendly, first class performers and fully trained by Yamaha Music School UK, so as to make learning the instrument of your choice as easy as possible. All our music lessons in Kilmarnock are not just educational, but our aim is to make sure they are music lessons that are fun as well.

Value-for-money Music Lessons

We feel confident that you'll not find another Music School in Ayrshire with better value-for-money music lessons. Fully trained teachers, up-to-date technology along with a pleasant environment, and all this for £9.50 per hour. If you are looking for the best tuition in Drums, Keyboard, Guitar or Vocals, then look no further than Yamaha Music School, the best value-for-money music lessons available.

How to Book-in for a Free Taster Session

If you are interested and would like to find out more about the only Yamaha based Music School in Ayrshire or to organise a Free Taster Session, please feel free to get in touch with us at Yamaha Music School via the information on site or email us directly with your enquiries: We look forward to your call.

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